The Tools of your trade

GroupThinq has all the tools a project-based organization needs to work together like a connected collective.


If your job involves managing time, projects, teams, and budgets, then you need a robust software tool-set that makes working together simple and efficient. Teams need instant feedback on the remaining time for every phase of a project and you need reporting tools that simplify rather than complicate the data that is generated by your teams everyday.


Tired of using multiple, disconnected software platforms to manage projects and teams? Groupthinq provides all the tools your entire organization will need to manage projects, budgets and teams...all in one connected, platform in the cloud.

The Cloud Advantage

No more installs on servers or desktops; GroupThinq runs seamlessly in a web browser. Work from home, the office, or anywhere, and remain connected to everyone as you work.

The connected Team

An Internet application allows everyone to be connected to real-time project information. These connections create a responsive organization and a collective mindset.

Realtime feedback

Dated reporting which requires substantial time investment are a thing of the past. Everyone gets realtime feedback on the info needed to make smart and informed decisions.

Just some of the features...

Project management

  • Project financials
  • Team Assignments
  • Project status reports
  • Scheduling
  • Project tasks
  • Project phasing
  • Proposal tracking
  • Scope changes
  • Document Storage

team management

  • Vacation, sick and leave tracking &  Approvals
  • Staff Resourcing
  • Weekly project updates
  • Utilization reporting
  • Work in progress
  • Project management reporting


  • Smart Timesheets
  • Time reporting
  • Time resourcing and scheduling
  • Time budgeting
  • Billable time tracking
  • Timesheet scores
  • Project Status reports

Project Accounting

  • Purchase Orders
  • Invoices
  • Bill Tracking
  • Project expenses
  • Expense reports
  • Project Profit & Loss
  • Receivable reports
  • Year-to-date reporting
  • Revenue by sector and division

Business Intelligence

  • Intelligence reporting
  • Springboards
  • Tasks & deadlines
  • Task scheduling & calendars
  • Reminders and notifications


  • Smart notifications
  • email supplements
  • Notification management
  • Full reporting
  • Vacation/sick remaining
  • monthly timesheet scores
  • Utilization reports.
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