COLLECTIVE intelligence

Applying the science of self-organization & artificial intelligence to consulting.

Running a project team in a time-billing environment is complicated. It takes time, staffing resources and up-to-date reporting to ensure individuals & teams stay informed, on track and on budget. For most companies, it's too complicated and too time consuming.

GroupThinq provides an elegant solution inspired by self-organizing systems found in nature. It provides real-time 'budget remaining' info to every member of the team as they work so that individuals can make smarter decisions about how their time is being spent. This translates into vastly improved financial performance on jobs, while empowering individuals to meet each project's financial targets. GroupThinq employs the science of collective intelligence to simplify the confusion of consulting.


Similarly, with the right networking tool, people can 'swarm' together for a common purpose creating a collective mindset that unleashes tremendous creativity and innovation. The most powerful insight from swarm intelligence is that "complex collective behavior can emerge from individuals following simple rules". Keeping a project 'on-budget' is just one of the simple rules which becomes easily achievable for a group using GroupThinq.


Colonies of social insects, like bees and ants, self-organize to carry out complex group tasks through many simple individual interactions.


Growing a Business Ecosystem

Cultivating a business ecosystem starts by networking your employees and providing the tools and data they need to help grow the business.

Empower the Individual

Give individuals the tools to coordinate, self organize and measure success, and your projects and teams will run like never before.

Connected Roles

Connect all the roles in your organization with the information each needs to realize efficiencies. This is the promise of GroupThinq.



The networked organization reduces bureaucratic layers and permits a level of individualism, creativity and innovation that traditional organizations cannot match.

GroupThinq allows businesses to follow science's lead, adopting networked groups and self-organization as a way to help make your business more productive and profitable.

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