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Oct, 2017

Oct 2017

Beta no More

We will reach our milestone of launching GroupThinq in Oct of 2017 after 1 year of beta testing. We have resolved all of our known bugs. Thank you to all our Beta-testers over the last year and thanks for sharing how GroupThinq has changed your company's culture for the better. Keep the stories coming so we can profile your firm in the future. Welcome to our new University partners who will be using Groupthinq in their professional practice courses in the fall.

July, 2017

July 2017

You can now save invoices as "drafts". When saved as a draft, notifications are not sent to your accounting department or controller. Invoice notifications are only sent when you click "Save Final". As well, you can now pick a person OR a firm under "To:"

Project > Project Financials > Invoices

July 2017

SpringBoard > Owner Reports > Staff Forecasting

You can now do staff forecasting in GroupThinq. Ensure the project deadlines are correct, and GroupThinq will assess how many staff are needed to fulfill the active projects on a monthly basis. This will give owners an idea when they need to hire more staff or "fill the funnel"  with new work.

May, 2017

May 2017

You can now add your own unique project number, if needed, to the right of the GroupThinq project number. We have also added the ability to create a new client from within the project. Once the new client is created, click on the blue icon to the right of the "Client Manager" to edit the details about the client.


Project > Project Financials > Bills

May 2017

When bills are received from suppliers, add the bill to the project in the new bills tab. New bills will automatically send a notification to the project manager informing them of the bill. The project manager can then accept or reject the new bill, sending a notification back to your controller/accountant. This automated process connects your controllers to your project managers allowing them to collaborate on bill payments.

We've created a new project phase dialogue box for each phase. Currently the "average daily rate" is fixed (this rate is set in the admin section), but later we'll be making this variable editable. To save and add another phase, click the "+Save" button.

Project > Project Data > Project Phases

May 2017

May 2017

We've added a new task calendar to see all your task deadlines. Click on the new calendar icon  to the left of the "Priority/Project/Discussion" filters. We'll be adding more functionality to the task calendar over the next few weeks.

Tasks > task Calendar

May 2017

We've added a new office calendar tab in the springboard showing vacations, sick days, company holidays and proposal due dates. Currently you can't add items to this calendar directly but we'll be adding this functionality in later updates.

Springboard > Office Calendar

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